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An educational “edventure” for those interested in becoming an Instructional Technologist, Learning Architect, or Online Instructor who designs and supports high-quality online teaching and learning experiences.

LX (Learning Experience) Pathways are just-in-time, competency-based, choose-your-own-“edventures” that address the role-specific skills required of instructional technologists, learning architects, and online instructors.

Brief and self-paced, each LX Pathway focuses precisely on what you need to know and how to immediately use it. Rolling enrollment allows you to launch any course at any time. You’ll also be able to document your completion of specific tracks and entire pathways with stackable credentials that are easily sharable with your employer and on social media platforms.

Choose your LX pathway

Instructional Technologist

Are you interested in being an instructional technologist? It is an exciting entry-level field in which you can utilize technology to support the learner experience.

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Learning Architect

The Learning Architect (LA) Pathway is a choose your own “edventure” journey to solidify your skills in the field of instructional design.

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Online Instructor

What are the human dimensions of online teaching and learning? This pathway explores online teaching practices that emphasize empathy, compassion, and the human experience.

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