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A competency-based educational journey for those interested in becoming an Instructional Technologist or Learning Architect in the field of instructional design.

LX Pathways is a “choose your own edventure” competency-based approach to acquiring beginning and advanced instructional design and instructional technology skills, with a focus on quality and leadership in the field. The Pathways’ competencies cover everything from the nuts and bolts of learning management systems to universal design for learning (UDL), backward design, and project management.  Leveraging Canvas and Catalog to provide well-defined career development paths, LX Pathways offers both self-paced, learner-to-content and direct-feedback coaching options. In addition, participants can earn stackable credentials and certificates along the way.

Choose your pathway

Instructional Technologist

Are you interested in being an instructional technologist? It is an exciting entry-level field in which you can utilize technology to support the learner experience.

Learning Architect

The Learning Architect (LA) Pathway is a choose your own “edventure” journey to solidify your skills in the field of instructional design.

Accessibility Specialist

Coming Soon